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Saxon’s Memorial Page

saxonFoaled: January, 1975
Sire: Flugwind
Dam: Sadana by Condus
Height: 16:3hh: Bone: 9.2 Girth: 78.5
Saxon passed away in 2010 at the age of 35. He will long be remembered.

Saxon was the result of centuries of systematic, scientific breeding. The Trakehner was originally bred as a cavalry mount, and the same qualities that were needed during the roar of battle and long marches under hardship conditions, i.e. temperament, endurance, suppleness, good feet and athletic ability, are the same qualities that are required in a sport horse.

Tannenberg, Saxon’s grandsire, was one of the foremost sires of jumping horses in Germany. His get are among the top money winners. On his dam’s side is Condus, a world renowned dressage horse, and Saxon and Flanure, the international dressage star, share the same grandmother, Flora.

Saxon was imported “in utero,” and Sadana dropped him on California soil just six short weeks after she made the flight from Germany. Even as a foal he knew that he was “hot stuff,” soon becoming the leader of the foal herd. He was a large colt that enjoyed exercising those big joints, and he spent hours cajoling the other foals into play.

Saxon did not reach full maturity until he was seven, but his dressage training started early. Even before he was started under saddle he went through a rigorous “Stallion Test,” in which only two horses in the entire North American continent were approved. He was one of the two. In following years he completed, and passed Phase 11 of the Stallion Test, being the only stallion in North America to complete for six years. He was started in basic dressage, but he particularly liked the freedom of cross-country and excelled in eventing. When the courses became too perilous to risk him, the natural move was to stadium jumping, where again he excelled. He then went on to compete in dressage, winning at 4th level and Prix St. George.

Saxon is a excellent representative of the Trakehner breed. He is so elegant that one must realize his measurements to understand how much substance he has. In conformation Saxon exhibits all the desirable characteristics of a top breeding stallion. His 16:3 hands are supported by excellent leg conformation, with large, flat knees and short cannon bones. The perfect angle of his pasterns is part of the reason for his comfortable ride, and the tremendous hock action that goes into his floating gaits draws praise from the novice to the most experienced horsemen.


The exploding sound of hoof-beats shatters the silence.
The ghostly figure of a horse is barely distinguished from clouds behind.

The red flare of his nostrils
Is the sole reality of his dream-like presence.

The dancing flash of his hooves
Shows his overwhelming excitement.

Hardly audible above the roar of the wind,
A call of another horse far off in the distance greets his straining ears.

He tosses his head and answers defiantly.
The last rays of the sun pass quietly behind the mountains,

Leaving behind it shadowy calmness.
Across the darkness his name is called once, then twice.

He moves mechanically towards the voice as if hypnotized.
A small dark-haired woman is waiting for him at the gate.

He stops and nickers a soft hello.
She strokes his long well-muscled neck, then gently slips a halter over his head.

They move simultaneously through the gate and down the path.
He looks most melancholy walking alongside the woman,
Save the remaining glint in his eye!