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KRUSADER    "Beau"

Refined, athletic, kind and willing temper by Saxon out of Pfeffer by Abdullah. His athletic ability is apparent in dressage, but he really excels over fences.

He has the power, scope and speed for the International Jumpers and the quality, temperment and movement for Working and Conformation Hunters.

Click here to see Krusader's video.


Winterfest began his competition career as a dressage horse, and he did very well, usually scoring 73 or 74 in recognized dressage shows. I decided to broaden his career options and started him over fences. It took him awhile to recognize the difference between a dressage line (never, ever, go over it), and a OK jump. He soon got the hang of it and his dressage exercises enhanced his flexibility, his collection and extensions and total athletic ability.

Winterfest covers the ground like a big horse, yet has the compactness to make the tight turns, his changes are right on and he is pure elastic between the jumps.

Winterfest won the 3'3 at the Santa Barbara National Horse show and was Reserve Champion at the 3'6 with a 11 year old girl on board. He is totally sound and ready to go into the ring and win!

Check out his videos for both dressage and jumping ability:

Seal-Loree-SBA -or-

Seal-Haley-SBC National (in WMV Format)

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